How to get free trash bags for your home or office


Trash bags are something that are a bit of a necessity in my home. As they are in yours I will assume. Our family goes through them so fast that it just seems unnatural. I ask my husband constantly where all of our trash comes from, but he usually shrugs and says “You’re home all day, you tell me!”. I tell you if it weren’t for free trash bag samples and coupons, I don’t know what we would do!

I have noticed the prices of trash bags going up to $9 and over for the “better” brands, and I just have a difficult time getting them sometimes. I started requesting coupons for trash bags about a year ago to save money, and have been so thankful for some of these companies sending me coupons and vouchers for free boxes of trash bags. I also started searching the internet for free samples of trash bags. This has really helped us to save money on trash bags and almost never run out of them.

Below you will find a few freebies and places to ask for coupons. I have been sent a voucher for a free box of trashbags and mailed single trash bag samples. The locations are all listed below:

The Saket Company

Glad – Send them a message asking for a coupon to try their products, they have sent me multiple free vouchers for a free box of Glad trash bags.

Target Up & Up Trash Bags– Save 5%

$1 off Trash Bags at Target– Sign up for mobile coupons and text “FRESH” to 827438

$0.55/1 Hefty Waste Bags- Coupon in your Red Plum Coupon Insert from 5/5/13, expires 8/31/13


Did you know you can look up coupons by product? Check out one of my favorite coupon databases. It is courtesy of and so easy to use. She has an advanced search feature that will allow you to look for certain types of products and all the coupons in her database will be presented to you. Check it before you run to the store! It will help you save so much money and time!





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