Using Ibotta to save more money: Is it difficult?

Using Ibotta to save more money: Is it difficult?

Using ibotta to save more money

A question I hear often here lately is about the Ibotta app. “Is it difficult to use?” In short, the answer is No. If you have a smartphone, then you can download this app for free. That part is easy, and to be quite honest, all of it is easy. I wanted to type up a small post about my experience with it thus far.

I started using Ibotta a few months ago. Today was the first time I have used it in the past 2 months, so I have it on the brain. I went to Walgreens and purchased Angel Soft toilet paper for $3.99. I had a coupon for $1 off which I used at the register. When I got home, I opened up the Ibotta app and noticed there was a discount for $1.50 off Angel Soft Toilet Paper. It was not a perfect match but I took my chances.

The Ibotta app asked me a few questions and had me watch a short video on Angel Soft Toilet Paper. After that, it asked me to take a photo of my receipt. This was super easy I just had to make sure that I had my receipt flat and visible from side to side. Once I took the picture, I uploaded it. The next step was to take a photo of the barcode of the toilet paper to “match” it, which it did. Then I was alerted that my receipt was pending.

About an hour later, I received notice in my email that my receipt was accepted and I had been credited $1.50 to my account.

I was excited because after that amount was credited back to me, I only paid $1.49 for 9 big rolls of Angel Soft Toilet Paper! Some may say $0.16 per roll, hehe. So yeah, it was very easy to use and it did not take anytime at all for my money to apply to my account.

As for accessing my money, once my Ibotta account reaches $5, I can cash out into my Paypal account. So we are pretty much being paid to take pictures of our receipts and bar codes.

Below you will find participating stores for the Ibotta program. If you go to any of these stores, when you get home, open your app and check to see if you purchased any of the items listed. Hopefully you will get a surprise like I did!

Here is a list of stores that Ibotta covers:

CVS Pharmacy
City market
Dollar General
Duane Reade
Family Dollar
Fred Meyer
Giant Eagle
Harris Teeter
King Soopers
Military Commissary
Pick n Save
Piggly Wiggly Mid West
Redner’s Markets
Rio Ranch
Rite Aid
Sam’s Club
Shop Rite
Stop & Shop
Tom Thumb
Whole Foods
WinCo Foods

Woo! That’s a list. Ibotta is actually about to add another store in the coming days and they are keeping us in suspense. Argh!

If you are wanting to try this amazing app out, you can sign up for it here using my referral link. I will earn $1 when you sign up, and you can earn $1 for every new friend who signs up under you too! If you prefer to just sign up by way of the app, you can do that too!

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