How To Win Sweepstakes

How To Win Sweepstakes

I want to share with you a secret. That secret is how to win sweepstakes. I started sweepstaking in August of this year and so far not even a month in, I have won over $1400 in cash and prizes. The only secret I have is that I enter every single day! I don’t let the negative thinking  get to me. You know the thoughts many have that the sweepstake could be rigged, that there are entrants who may “cheat” to increase their entries..because those things could be, but I have already won enough to know this is real and I know as long as I keep entering I will win.

There are certain steps you can take to ensure that you will be winning sweepstakes in no time! You can watch videos that explain how to sweepstakes as well as this video, which is what set me off to start sweeping:

There are a few tips that I think are a must for beginners and I have listed those below:

1. Create an email address for sweepstaking only! This will prevent “junk” mail that may come along with some of the sweeps you have entered.  Also be sure to uncheck the optional selections in sweepstakes, most the time these are giving the ok to have you added to their mailing list. You don’t have to subscribe to a mailing list to enter a giveaway.This will also be the only place your congratulations emails come. Here you can see a few of the sweepstakes congratulation emails I have received in the past 2 weeks:

2. Use sweepstaking websites that provide you with links to the newest sweepstakes. The sites that I love to follow are:,, and
You will find several types of sweepstakes on these sites. If you have a day, I would go to and scroll to the bottom of their site. You will look for the menu tab that says “One-Time”, and click on that and start entering giveaways. They make it easier than the others to enter as you click quick entry and you will be brought to the sweepstakes. If it says “One-Time” entry, that means you can only enter that sweepstake once. Go ahead and enter every single sweepstake you find there, and be sure to go back daily to check for “New” sweepstakes. They are added daily! My favorite are daily and I will get into that in a few.

3. Always read the official rules. Sometimes a sweepstake is for a certain state only, or for certain ages. You will also be able to find out how many times you can enter the sweepstake by reading the rules.

4. Find sweepstakes that will let you enter every day. These are called daily-entry sweepstakes. And these give you a better chance to win because you can get an extra entry every day. Just save these daily entries to a bookmark program such as google chrome. Just hit the star in the browser address and create a folder called enter daily and set it on your toolbar. This will remind you to take an hour a day to enter your daily sweepstakes. Try not to miss a day!

5. Download Google Chrome. This is a must have as it will save your info and you can click an entry form and your name, address, email etc will automatically fill for you. It will surely save you time!

6. Google Blog Giveaways, you will find directories to blog giveaways which you can enter every day. Sometimes these are very low entry. For example I have just entered a blog giveaway hosted by rafflecopter where I am the only entrant at the moment. I go back daily and tweet the giveaway and still yet, I am still the only entrant. Blog giveaways can be found on Facebook as well.

7. Search for new giveaways and sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter using hashtags. You do this by going to the search bar in facebook or twitter and type #giveaway or #win or #sweepstake. These are hashtags and you will find many links to new giveaways and sweepstakes. Sometimes you will run across a referral link from someone, and it’s ok to use their referral, but when it comes to odds, you have to ask yourself if it is really worth using their referral link. After all, you found their link and you have to wonder how many others found it as well. I try to only use my friends, family and readers referral links. I many times do steer clear of very large sites such as blogs with thousands of followers. There are times where one entrant could refer 100 people and guess what? They will get 100 extra entries and better their chance of winning. We all want to win, and I love for others to win as well, but sometimes very large websites and blogs use referral links and a regular Joe does not have that traffic to compete when it comes to referring power, so it basically lessens your odds, if you are worried about odds. Sometimes just knowing you will win, is enough. It really seems to be in the power of your thinking.

8. If you enter rafflecopter giveaways, you will be asked to like other people on facebook, twitter, pinterest etc for more entries. Most people don’t do this, so you will have an advantage over them if you create free profiles for these social platforms. So make sure you have a Twitter account, Pinterest account, Google Plus account etc.

9. Think positive and KNOW you are going to win, and you will! The first win will defintely get you hooked. My first win was this month for a $1,000 Visa Gift Card from Self When you get a win like that, it’s hard not to take it seriously!

10. Enter everyday! Check your sweepstaking email everyday!

Hope this helps!!

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