Top 5 ways I make money online

Top 5 ways I make money online

Would you like to hear the top 5 ways I make money online?

Making money online is as simple as you want it to be. Some people can make it complicated by spending more time researching how to make it. That was my problem for far too long. Honestly, if you could get paid for researching how to make money online, I would be a millionaire by now. The only thing that kept me from actually trying out those methods I had read about was no actual need to really make money. I had been a stay at home mom since 2011 and I had a husband who had a very good job, and took care of me and my children. We really didn’t have issues with money. So there was no actual need to get serious and make money.

However, my husband and I separated in 2015, and at that point I was desperate to make money to make payments on the house he left me with. I was lucky enough to find a job outside of the home, but I wasn’t used to working so many hours and never seeing my children. I immediately started blogging again, and testing out the money making research I had studied for so many years. I was determined to work part time outside the home and part time inside the home, so I could be with my kids.

I was successful.

I want to share with you the top 5 ways I make money online. (And don’t let the “5 ways” I make money scare you away. I prefer using many different sources, as I bore easily. You can pick just one and focus fully on it, and succeed too.)

    1. Use reward programs, accumulate points and sell the reward- This one makes me the most money. Hence why it is at number 1. I joined NPC, and they sent me a handheld scanner to scan the items I bought from stores. I would then transmit the results to them via the scanner, and I would get points. Those points could be redeemed for amazing rewards such as iPads, televisions, computers and so much more. This was my money maker. As a coupon user, I was constantly going shopping and I was able to really rack up the points. I started redeeming my points and selling my rewards. I started selling my rewards on craigslist, but then decided to try Ebay as there were more people to see the item I had for sale. After all, Ebay only charges you after your auction sells. I highly suggest using Ebay to sell your rewards. If you want to join NPC and get a handheld scanner as well, you can sign up here. Just enter your zip code and they will let you know if they have any spots available in your town. Doing this I add $500 to $1000 to my income each month.
    1. Use Instagc, accumulate points and deposit to checking account or Paypal account- This is one of the easiest ways to make quick cash. I started using Instagc in 2011, when I first joined, I was clueless, but luckily the person who referred me helped me a tremendous amount. She even sent me an email showing exactly what tasks to do to make $2000 a month using instagc. Unfortunately, I am not the type who can sit still for 8 hours a day doing online tasks, so my income is nowhere near that much. I can easily make $10 an hour using Instagc. And that is typically my daily max. My income from Instagc is about $250 per month. Some months less, some months more. It really depends on how much time I dedicate to it. I like to take their surveys which pay close to 100 points after completion. That equals $1.00. You can deposit money into checking account or request a check once you hit 500 points, and once you redeem 5000 points you open up the Paypal option, which I normally use. I enjoy getting my money instantly. Sign up for Instagc here.
    1. Shopping at thrift stores and reselling on Ebay or Craigslist– This one requires leaving your home and having about $20 to spend. I typically check out Goodwill and their clearance section or “$1” days. I also go to their store that sells by the pound. I usually sell jeans on Ebay, so I only buy jeans that are in good condition, and look up sold listings of highest priced jeans. I usually stick to those brands. This usually brings me in about $500 a month. Some jeans have to be relisted, but they always sell. Some brands that sell for me include Levi’s. These are everywhere and always super cheap at Goodwill or other thrift stores.
    1. Yard saling and reselling on Ebay or Craigslist- I just started doing this again after a short hiatus. It’s actually really fun too. People sell things so cheap at yard sales, and apparently many are clueless about the pricey items they have just sold me for $0.50. I recently purchased 2 big bags of Magic the Gathering cards. They were all in excellent condition, and each in top loader plastics. It was about 300 cards. I paid $1 for both bags. I posted them for auction on ebay, and sold them for $300. That was a $299 profit. Not too shabby, huh? Deals like this can sometimes be difficult to find, but I always manage to find one big seller like this atleast once a month. I have found that vintage items sell fast on ebay. My typical final bids on items are about $20. So normally I post 5-10 items a week. Usually 5 sell, and I have to relist the others which eventually sell the next week. I would say my income from doing this is about $100 a week once you take out ebay fees and paypal fees. Of course I am not including my big money maker, because I don’t find enough of those to make it 100% stable each week.
    1. Blogging and using affiliate links– It’s free to be a blogger, and its free to join a program as an affiliate. So the only thing required of you to make money as an affiliate is your time and brains. It can be hard to find an audience, so I always started with friends and family on my social media networks. In order to make money you need to find a product that you love. Something you can sell. If you don’t like selling things, you can also get paid to refer people to enter sweepstakes, join mailing lists and to get free coupons. I have been blogging since 2011, but it is never steady. At this point I make about $50 a month doing nothing. That is mainly from advertisements on my blog, and old articles people read. You can make a full time income from blogging, but I keep too busy with other things to keep mine steady. Good starter affiliate program here.

So this is how I make an extra $1000+ a month. I would love to know how you make your extra money each month online. I am always willing to try new stuff! Comment below with your links and referrals and I will give them a shot!

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