DIY Makeup Vanity For Under $30

Is your bathroom counter covered in makeup and beauty products? I’ve been there too. I decided to try a DIY Makeup Vanity for under $30.

After months and months of my boyfriend complaining that I had too much stuff covering the counters, I decided to try the whole minimizing thing. I had way too much makeup to begin with. I had no place to keep my makeup but a make up bag on my bathroom counter, and most the time it was literally spread all over the counter. Apparently I have a problem with putting things back where they belong. Took me 36 years to understand what my parents meant when they complained about that.

I watched this video called Minimalist Makeup Vanity + $50 Giveaway, and got my idea from her. The project she did cost her less than $50, but she used mainly new products. I had $40 to spend and that was it, but of course I didn’t want to spend that much. I decided to hit up my local thrift stores with this awesome idea in my mind. Spend less than $30.

My first stop was my local Goodwill. This was my jackpot store right off the bat. I got a few great items and then headed to my local His House mission thrift store.

I purchased the following items for my DIY Makeup Vanity:

Wooden Chair, $1.79


I really liked the age of this chair and the sturdiness. It has some grooves in it that can be painted later for some added flair.



Mirror, $4



This mirror was luckily not priced, and they just gave me a random price. It’s not too heavy. Just plastic around the edges.



Shelf, $0.79


This was a cute wall shelf, I figured it would be a nice place to store some beauty products.



Baskets, $0.79


Just some random baskets for storage. Thought these were cute, plus I searched high and low for two matching baskets. Apparently they are common at thrift stores.



Gutted Sewing Machine Table, $10


This sewing table opens up and has a big whole in the middle the size of a sewing machine. I plan to add a basket to it later for more beauty product storage!


Someone elses DIY candle holder, $0.79

I really loved the candle holder. As soon as I saw it I thought, makeup brush holder! It was perfect and only $0.79. A steal!


I ran to my hardware store and picked up 3 cans of spray paint with primer and a new handle for the table. That costed $9.

So my grand total for everything: $27. That includes the spray paint. I was able to get all of the main vanity items for $18! So I went to work, and cleaned up the wood, sanded a few spots and got to painting.

I think my biggest issue was finding the right color paint. We will probably add a few tweaks over the next month or so.


Here is my after photo:












Not too bad for my first ever DIY project, eh?


Have you done your own makeup vanity DIY? Comment below!

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