Publix Couponing 101

Are you ready to learn Publix Couponing 101? I am so excited to write about this subject. Publix is by far my favorite grocery store to shop at. I remember when I used to think they were overpriced, but then I realized how wrong I was. Publix is known for their buy one get one free deals, amazing deli and the cute little bag boys who help you with your groceries. It’s such a clean and overall delightful place to shop. So let’s talk about using our coupons here. That’s probably they best part out of everything!


As some people may know, Publix was the best place to coupon because they would double coupons up to $0.50, meaning that a $0.50 off coupon would become $1.00 off. It was an amazing time to be a coupon user. We really were able to get some amazing deals due to this, but unfortunately, this is forever gone. Publix decided to remove double coupons in most states including my state of South Carolina. This change took place in December of 2016. I personally was devastated, and I did start couponing more at Bi-lo, since they still double coupons up to $0.60–I will make a guide for them too.

How To Start Couponing at Publix

Before you start couponing anywhere, you want to familiarize yourself with the coupon policy. In fact, If I were you I would print a copy of the coupon policy so you can have it with you for reference. Sometimes we do run into a cashier who is not aware of their policy. You can view the policy here.

Once you are familiar with the policy you will have a much more relaxed experience couponing at Publix. I would like to go over the basics of the policy just to make sure we all understand. I know it can be kind of confusing for new users.

Types of Coupons you can use

  • Manufacturer coupons- These come in a variety. You can use paper coupons you cut out of your Sunday paper coupon insert, magazines, flyers or blinky coupon machines at stores. These may also be coupons that you have found online to print. Internet printables are considered manufacturer coupons as well as digital coupons.
  • Store Coupons- Any Publix coupon you find in their store flyers are considered “store” coupons. You can actually stack these coupons with a manufacturer.
  • Competitor Coupons- These are store coupons from other stores that Publix may compete with. For example my Publix is right next door to a Target, so they accept Target store coupons as their own store coupon.
  • Digital Coupons-These are coupons found on the Publix website here. In order to use these, you will need to create a free account and you will enter your phone number into the key pad at your local Publix to use your digital coupons. These are considered manufacturer coupons. So if you have a paper coupon for $1.00 off Raid, and you have a $0.50 off digital coupon for $0.50 off raid, you probably should use your paper coupons, because it will take the digital coupon first and then you won’t be able to use your paper coupon.

Tips for Couponing at Publix

  1. Always grab all of the coupon flyers at the front of the store. This is where you will find your store coupons. Save the most money using these coupons with your manufacturer coupons.
  2. We can only use 2 coupons per item
  3. We can only use 8 coupons for 8 of the same item. For example if you have 10 coupons that save $0.10 off 1 Yoplait Yogurt, then you will only be able to use 8. So 2 will go to waste unless you have a non household friend buy those last 2 for you. The rule is 8 like coupons per day for the same item per household.
  4. You can’t use coupons that give a percent off. So no 50% off coupons. Sorry folks.
  5. You can use money off coupons. So if you have a coupon that gives you $20 off your entire order, then you can use that. Once per day, per household.
  6. Always make your list before you get to the store. I will explain that in a few.
  7. If you have coupons for an item that is not available, GET A RAINCHECK! I can’t tell people this enough. Also explain that you have a coupon to use for that item and want to make sure you will be able to still use that coupon. They will typically write that on the raincheck too, so even if your coupon expired the day before they get an item in, you will still be able to use it.
  8. Ask your service desk for a list of local competitors so you are familiar with the stores you can use store coupons from.
  9. You can use Ibotta, Checkout51 and savingstar deposits at Publix. These will stack with all items. The store doesn’t even know you are using them. I will talk about this later as well.

How you can prepare for your Publix shopping trip?

If you are in need of a few things from your local Publix, you should go prepared. This means with coupons and a list. To find out what items are on sale, you can check out the weekly ad here. You will also be able to see the store coupon flyers as well. An easy way to find coupons to match your sale items is to use a coupon database. Here you will search for the brand and item. Then you will be shown a list of coupons. You will be able to match coupons much easier there. Google “coupon database” for the best sources for coupon databases. You can also use the one I have implemented on the site as well. My coupon database.

I hope that some of these tips have helped you understand how Publix Couponing works. As always if you have any quaestions about it, please feel free to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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