Save Up To 90% Off With Ibotta Coupon Stacking

Save Up To 90% Off With Ibotta Coupon Stacking

Would you like to know how to save up to 90% off with Ibotta Coupon Stacking?

Just in case you’re not familiar with how Ibotta works, check out- Using Ibotta to save more money: Is it difficult?┬áThat should help you understand how to get money back. If you’re still reading this, then I will assume you already have the Ibotta app.

For those new users of Ibotta, there are more ways you can save. I have saved up to 90% on several products. Wanna know how? I used coupons too. That’s it.

So many people hate using coupons, and I personally don’t get it. Coupons are free money. Use them! I get that it’s easier to just not use them, but even when I have plenty of money to spend, I still use coupons. Even when I don’t have the time, I still use them. I enjoy walking out of a store with free and close to free products. All thanks to coupons.

Here are a few tips on how to save the most when using Ibotta:

1.Open your Ibotta app and find the rebates you want.

2. Go to the following coupon websites and search for the chosen rebate:

3. Print your coupons and start saving!

It really is that easy. I wanted to give a few examples of saving using coupons with your Ibotta rebates. In the example below, I included an Ibotta rebate and the coupon match that saves me the most money. The final total is the amount saved in all. The store I chose is Bi-lo, because they double coupons so you will always save more through coupon use here.


Buddig Original Lunchmeat
Buy 5, 2 oz packs and get back $1.00 Ibotta rebate when you buy 4 then use
$1/5 Buddig Original Packages, exp. 11/30/17 (SmartSource 05/07/17) [2-oz.]
Final Savings- $2.00 off 5 packs

These are priced $0.50 each at Walmart, I would assume they are close to that price at Bi-lo as well. With this kind of discount, you would end up paying $0.10 per pack.

See this is why using coupons with your Ibotta rebates are so important.

Do you have an Ibotta/Coupon deal you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments below!

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