Save Up To 90% Off With Ibotta Coupon Stacking

Would you like to know how to save up to 90% off with Ibotta Coupon Stacking?


Just in case you’re not familiar with how Ibotta works, check out- Using Ibotta to save more money: Is it difficult? That should help you understand how to get money back. If you’re still reading this, then I will assume you already have the Ibotta app.

For those new users of Ibotta, there are more ways you can save. I have saved up to 90% on several products. Wanna know how? I used coupons too. That’s it.

So many people hate using coupons, and I personally don’t get it. Coupons are free money. Use them! I get that it’s easier to just not use them, but even when I have plenty of money to spend, I still use coupons. Even when I don’t have the time, I still use them. I enjoy walking out of a store with free and close to free products. All thanks to coupons.

Here are a few tips on how to save the most when using Ibotta:

1.Open your Ibotta app and find the rebates you want.

2. Go to the following coupon websites and search for the chosen rebate:

If you can’t find a matching coupon at the web sites above, you can always check out the coupon database. Just type in what you are looking for.

3. Print your coupons and start saving!

It really is that easy. I wanted to give a few examples of saving using coupons with your Ibotta rebates. In the example below, I included an Ibotta rebate and the coupon match that saves me the most money. The final total is the amount saved in all. The store I chose is Bi-lo, because they double coupons so you will always save more through coupon use here.



Buddig Original Lunchmeat
Buy 5, 2 oz packs and get back $1.00 Ibotta rebate when you buy 4 then use
$1/5 Buddig Original Packages, exp. 11/30/17 (SmartSource 05/07/17) [2-oz.]
Final Savings- $2.00 off 5 packs

These are priced $0.50 each at Walmart, I would assume they are close to that price at Bi-lo as well. With this kind of discount, you would end up paying $0.10 per pack.

See this is why using coupons with your Ibotta rebates are so important.

Do you have an Ibotta/Coupon deal you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments below!



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