How to get a Free $3 Visa Gift Card

How to get a Free $3 Visa Gift Card

I wanted to share with you a way you can get a free $3 Visa gift card.

 I just received my $3 VISA gift card in my email, so I know it is 100% legit. All you have to do is download a simple extension to your computer or download the Shoptracker App.

Shoptracker is part of Harris Polls Online. They like to study our shopping habits, and currently the one I signed up for was through Amazon. I personally enjoy survey sites and participating in research studies, and this was the easiest to do because there really isn’t anything binding you to stay a member. Everything is free. You just sign up, and that’s it.

Join Today and get a free $3 Visa Gift card

Basically all I did was download the app, connected it to my Amazon account. Answered a few of their questions and that was it. In 3 days I got my email with my $3 VISA gift card digital code. If you want to read about it for yourself, you can check out more information at the ShopTracker Website.

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