How To Increase Your DPS in World of Warcraft

This post has absolutely nothing to do with what I typically post on the blog. In fact the majority of my readers will dismiss this completely. That’s fine. I am making this to try to help some people out, and that’s it.

I have been playing World of Warcraft for over 10 years now, and I have learned quite a lot. For starters, I am shitty DPS, and healing is about the only thing I can do any more. I say this because as DPS I am not observant to my surroundings. My numbers stay within a healthy range to not be complained at or hold any groups back, but I have a tendency to pull a few more adds than I and the tank prefer. Oops. Shit happens. Oh but I do manage to survive. That’s another point I want to bring up. Survival. I’ll talk about that later.

I prefer healing because I feel if it wasn’t for healers, no player would be able to stay alive long enough to down anything. Therefore, I feel healers are YOUR gods. Bow down. Don’t be douche bags. DPS and Tanks.. you are nothing with out us. Jk… or am I? But for real, I have encountered my share of bad healers, and when I started healing, I took it seriously. I will do everything in my holy power (see what I did there) to make sure that we all survive. You’re welcome. Ok, enough about this, time to talk to some DPS.

Now I know that it’s easier to complain that people suck in the game, and noone ever has the time to actually help anyone, but I want to. I am tired of people staying lost in the game for expansions and expansions. Back in the day, I improved my performance (DPS) because assholes yelling at me, and telling me that I suck. However, times are changing and new players don’t react well to the screaming in all caps, because most of them have so many UI addons they don’t even see YOUR message in party or guild.

Oh btw, this article is going to bounce from subject to subject. That’s how my mind works. Sorry ahead of time.

I would also like to point out that I am not claiming to be some super OP player either. I am simply trying to guide some people in the right direction. I am just giving some tips, and that is all. Criticize if you like, or provide your own opinions if you find them to be easier. I want to tell you what I do with my DPS characters to help their damage per second increase drastically.

How to increase your DPS

First things first. You need to learn to stay alive. You can’t expect the healers to waste all of their mana to keep you up. This means you have to be aware of your surroundings. In order to do this, you need to be familiar with the fights. Most people who participate in raids these days watch youtube videos, but I say fuck that. Go to LFR. But before you go, make sure you have Deadly Boss Mods Addon. You can get that on the curse website. If you feel this isn’t enough to keep you from doing something stupid, then you should get what I use. It’s called GTFO.

Once you have those addons, enter LFR and really learn the fights. Don’t be a fucktard and go afk because it’s LFR. Familiarize yourself with the spells being thrown at you. Don’t think that you can just come to raid and lie on the floor dead and take all the loot. That will get old fast. I guarantee it.

Next thing, DO NOT THINK ITEM LEVEL/GEAR SCORE will make your DPS higher. No. I am so tired of people being like..”Hur Hur, check out this 940 cloak I got. My DPS is gonna be so high.”- Coarpse.

No, it probably won’t. Item level means nothing in my opinion. You need to focus on stats. And there is a great way to check what gear you should be equipping with a website that I have used for many years, and it’s pretty great.. even though some people complain about it. All I can say is, atleast it’s not Noxxic. I personally can’t use it as a healer because you can’t sim healers apparently. But you can use it for DPS.

So this is what I want you to do. First I want you to download this add on: Ask Mr Robot Data Exporter

Once you have that downloaded. I want you to restart your wow client, and log into the game. If you are using your basic UI (user interface) then look around your mini map, you will see an orangish circle. This is your ask mr robot add on. Click on this addon, and go to export. You will see a bunch of numbers and letters. Now I want you to press CTRL C. This will copy all of the information regarding gear on your character in your bags and bank.

Now I want you to go to, before you do anything here, I want you to register for a free account. You will need this to access the gear portion of the site. Once you have registered, you will be able to access premium features which come with the free trial. No cc needed. Just sign up using your email address only.

Now that you are a member, look your character up by realm and name. Then go to the box that says ‘Load from the Ask Mr Robot in-game addon’. I want you to click the inside of that box and then press CTRL V, this will paste your data from in game into the program.

Press Optimize Gear.

Ignore the first part, and go down to the section that says Best in Bags. Step 1 asks you to specify your preferred spec. So if you are a mage choose whether you play frost, fire or arcane. Now step 2 wants you to press CTRL V again. This will paste your information from in game to the program. Now press FIND BEST IN BAGS. Now I want you to put on the exact gear it tells you too, as well as gems and enchants. I don’t care if it tells you to put item level 900 gloves on when you have 930 item level gloves. Just do it. Like I said, Item level doesn’t mean jack shit the majority of the time.

Ok, now that you have your gear on. You are ready for the next part in how to increase your DPS. LEARN YOUR PROPER ROTATION AND TALENTS. The website I find helps beginners and those not familiar with the game changes is called ICYVEINS. Not Noxxic. If you go to Noxxic, then I need you to delete your character because Noxxic is terrible and only tools go there. But still Noxxic bad, Icyveins good.

Once you are there, find your class guide and read about what talents are preferred and rotations. Then put all that information together and test your character using the proper talents and rotation in game. Now there are some people who prefer to do this using their own brain, and I get that but if you are 920 item level and your stats are optimal for your character and you are only doing 150k dps.. YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON YOUR BRAIN ANY MORE! =)

Try this method and see if it helps you. This is all.



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