How I Made $1500 Selling on Poshmark My First Month

How I Made $1500 Selling on Poshmark My First Month

This was a pretty big shocker for me. I never thought after that first week of selling on Poshmark that my sales would blow up the way they did. I remember when I started listing, I was pretty clueless. I at first thought it was how Ebay was, and you just list and leave, but it’s nothing like that. I came to realize after much research that you have to be active within the Poshmark app in order to succeed.

Poshmark expects you to share your items. Each and every one of your items. Once you share an item your followers will see it, and if they like it, they typically share it to their followers and if enough people like your items, the sharing will continue for a long time. Once your item gets exposed to so many people, typically a buyer will grab it up. The more people who see your item, the higher chance of a sale. I will say that I have sold items that had not been shared in over 24 hours before, and I believe this is because people also directly type in the search menu the brand of clothing or style they are looking for. This is why your title must be descriptive.

I will go ahead and post the video I made about this and I will list the steps I took below the video. I hope this is helpful to you all, and I will be remaking a video soon with a little more detail.

So here is what I did to make $1500 selling on Poshmark my first month.

  1. I had 50-100 listings the first month
  2. I followed atleast 100 people a day *tip not in video, big one I left out*, they typically always follow back
  3. I made descriptive titles. This means I added the name brand, the color, the style and the size of clothing in title.
  4. I always listed the measurements in the description. I typically did the bare minimum which was pit to pit, length, waist and inseam.
  5. List what the condition of the item is, gently used, excellent use, new etc.
  6. I shared my closet multiple times a day. With 100 items it takes maybe 10 minutes to share the whole closet. I would click the item I wanted to share, click edit, then next then list. I would do this most every time I shared.
  7. Times I shared my closet: 8 am, 12 noon (if I had party theme items), 3 pm (if I had party theme items), 5 pm, 7 pm (if I had party theme items) and 10 pm-12 am depending, I would share entire closet. I always share using edit next list (ENL). (EASTERN TIME ZONE
  8. Return Shares of followers who shared my items
  9. Send an offer to a liker. Any time someone would like my listing I would go to the listing and at the bottom corner I would click (Price Drop) from there I would click offer to likers and send the liker a shipping discount and percentage off.
  10. I participated in all of the closet clear outs. This would make it to where you drop your prices by 10% and anyone who likes your items will receive free or discounted shipping on Poshmark. It doesn’t come out of your earnings on this day.
  11. I was steady adding listings atleast 1 a day as I have a goal of 100 new listings per month.
  12. Always have clear, bright, semi-professional looking photos. Mine are not 100% professional but I did buy a clothing form and diva light from Amazon. Using this on a white wall makes a huge difference. It looks much better than hanging on a door, which you will see alot of on Poshmark. Buy a diva light here, and the dress form here.

So I think I basically covered everything that I did which helped me earn $1500 my first month on Poshmark. If you follow these steps, I know you will make alot of sales. Take your time and it will pay off!

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