21 Common Clothing Brands That Will Sell on Poshmark

21 Common Clothing Brands That Will Sell on Poshmark

Are you looking for brands that will sell on Poshmark for $50 and up? I have found a few that do really well.

Over the past year and a half I have been sourcing for my Poshmark closet on a weekly basis. I typically run across many of the same brands, and when doing my research have seen those brands oversaturate Poshmark and other platforms. Due to this, I typically pass on those items unless they are super cute. Today I went out sourcing with my mom and I kept finding the same brands as always and I started filtering my search a bit more. I noticed something when doing this, and that lightbulb went off in my head.

There are many brands on Poshmark that are oversaturated but even those brands have certain items that people will still pay good money for and are harder to find. I wanted to do some research tonight on the most common brands I run across here in West Columbia,SC. I also asked my Instagram followers to name some brands they see often and pass on, so I could include those in my research as well. Only 1 person replied with Liz Sport, so I have included this in my research.

Below the 20 clothing brands you see are what I find EVERY time I go out sourcing, next to those brands you will see the best items for those brands to source to resell on Poshmark. I figured this would be a great way to save time when out sourcing. If I know what items for each brands to look out for, then I will save time!

  1. L.L.Bean– Duck Boots, Fisherman Sweater (LL BEAN SIGNATURE), Puffer Coats
  2. Lilly Pulitzer– Luxletic line, Dresses, Vests
  3.  Under Armour– Ski Pants, Puffer Coats
  4. Gloria Vanderbilt– Vintage Jeans
  5.  Banana Republic– Wool Coats, Military Coat, Trench Coats
  6. J. Crew– Wool coats, Pea Coats, Top Coats
  7. Loft– Long Coats, Boucle Coats, Short Blazers especially tweed
  8. Ann Taylor– Long Coats, Tall Boots
  9. Gap– Teddy Coats, Long Coats, Leather Pants, Puffer Coats
  10. Old Navy– Funnel Neck Coats, Maternity Puffer Coats, Bundles of like items
  11.  Vera Bradley– Backpacks, Disney Print anything
  12. Jolt– Capes
  13. The Limited– Collection Suits, Blazers
  14.  New York & Company– Long coats
  15.  Lane Bryant– Puffer Jackets, Moto Jackets, Faux Leather Jackets
  16.  Cabelas– Coats, Snow Boots (lace ups), Pant Suits
  17.  Lucky Brand– Boots, Bags, Leather Coats
  18. Simply Southern– Sherpa Pullovers
  19. Piko– Bundles are a big seller, not many single items for over $50
  20.  London Times– Dresses, Jumpsuits

Instagram Users Most Common Brands:

  1. Liz Claiborne– Long Coats, Luggage, Tall Boots, Weekend Totes
  2. Christopher & Banks aka CJ Banks–  Linen Dresses(button front), Mainly Bundles sell over $50
  3. BDG– Teddy Jackets, Overalls

There seems to be a similar trend going on here. Long coats. Most all of these brands have great resell value in their coats. If you have any other brands in mind, be sure to leave me a comment telling me what brand you see all the time and I will add it to my list!

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