How To Get Money To Source More For Poshmark

How To Get Money To Source More For Poshmark

Do you need more money to source for your Poshmark closet? I can relate. The majority of my earnings go straight to bills since I started selling full time, and I have very little to source with anymore.

I was trying to figure out a way to make more money so I could source more (and in turn make more) and I was reminded of something I gave up when I started working 10 hour days years ago. Entering Sweepstakes and giveaways. I had such success in the past with winning VISA gift cards and store gift cards that I figured why not give it a shot again and use those winnings to buy inventory for my Poshmark closet.

Yeah I know you’re probably thinking, “I’d never win”, and to tell you the truth, if you keep that kind of mindset, you’re absolutely right. The problem with thinking you will never win is that you will typically quit entering, therefore you will never win. If you can keep a positive mindset, and keep entering, you will win.

Within my first week back entering sweepstakes, giveaways and playing instant win giveaways, I won free food from Hardees and Wendy’s, a $50 check from Burger King, a set of 2 Beringer branded mason jar glasses from Beringer Main & Vine, Redbox free rentals and Jumanji Fanart Lithograph. I won all of these items in a 1 week period. My first week back to the sweeping grind.

I want to share with you a few tips that will help you win, and you can either put them to use or ignore. These are tips that helped me stay organized and that is key when you are entering giveaways.

  1. Create a new email address for your sweepstake entering– Yes, you will receive alot of spam mail from many of these company giveaways. They will ask you to subscribe to their newsletters, and sometimes things that are optional, we may accidentally check so we get all of that too. I won’t deny I have enjoyed alot of these newsletters because they also announce NEW giveaways so its honestly a win win.
  2. Open up an account on ALL social media platforms– Are you like my boyfriend, and refuse to have a Facebook or any type of online presence? Well if you plan to win as much as possible, it is imperative to have social media accounts. Many companies will ask you to share the giveaway for extra entries (we love extra chances to win) so you would need these open to do so. As well as sharing, some of these giveaways are only on certain social media sites so it provides you a larger amount of sweepstakes to enter. The main social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and if you are looking to enter some gamer sweeps Twitch is a must. (You can add me as a friend! You can find me on most platforms as Allybethany)
  3. Designate a time everyday to enter giveaways– I designate 2 hours a day to do nothing except enter giveaways. In that time I am able to enter 100+ giveaways. I typically head to a sweepstake portal such as and enter the instant win games first, then I enter any new giveaways they have. After that I start entering my daily giveaways. I will make a Youtube video about that soon. (Oh yeah, if you haven’t subscribed to my Youtube channel, what are you waiting for? It’s in the sidebar!)
  4. Check your sweepstake email daily– Many companies will contact winners via email, as well as send you mail to your home. Be sure to check your email for winning emails. If you have a ton of spam, on Gmail you can search by keywords such as “Congratulations” “You Won” “Winner” etc.. this will help you find winning emails faster.

So these are my main tips for getting started. I will be creating many YouTube videos showing you exactly what to do in many circumstances, and I will be creating more content here on the blog to explain sweepstaking to you. I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions please leave me a comment below and we can chat!

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