How To Sell On Poshmark And Make Money Fast

How To Sell On Poshmark And Make Money Fast

What if I told you that I regularly sell over $1700 a month on Poshmark and that I never bring in less than $1200 a month net profit and you can too? In this article I am going to cover how to sell on Poshmark and make money fast! If you follow these simple steps and stay CONSISTENT, you too will see this type of profit.

Are you ready to make $1000 in extra income each and every month while you sit at home? If so then let’s get started!

Step One: Find Your Niche

You may be asking yourself what a niche is. Let me help you out. Are you wanting to sell a certain type of item only? For example, maybe you only want to sell Vintage T-shirts, that will be your niche. Some people like to only sell women’s shoes, and others like to sell home decor. Once you pick your niche, you can start the process of planning your store, and what items you will be stocking it with.

I personally sell a little bit of everything from vintage clothing to home decor. If I can make a profit by selling it, I typically pick it up. However, I do focus more on women’s clothing, so I guess that’s my niche.

A niche can be large or small. I mainly sell clothing for women but I pick up all types of clothing. Some resellers only sell women’s dresses, and some resellers only sell women’s dresses that are made of a certain type of material. A niche depends on what you enjoy selling and what can make you a great profit.

Take a few minutes and jot down a few ideas and see what you come up with. I’d love to hear what you are planning to sell in the comments below.

Step Two: Pick a Name For Your Poshmark Closet

Once you have chosen your niche, you will be ready Sign Up For Poshmark and name your store or as Poshmark calls it.. your closet. Try and pick a name that tells your prospective buyers what you sell, or you can be like me and just use a generic name. I chose Allybethany because I have used it online for over 25 years. It just felt right to me. I named my second closet Girly Threads, and I plan on selling only women’s clothing in that closet as I wanted to narrow down my niche a bit.

Before you seal in your name on Poshmark, be sure to check a Domain Name Search for the same name to see if it is available. A domain name is your name followed by .com or .net etc.. It is very cheap to buy a domain name, and you only pay once a year for it. I believe it’s a great tool to have to link to your Poshmark closet or to even hold on to in case you want to start your own online store one day.

You should also make sure that the same name is available on all social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. I have the same name for all of my social media platforms as I do my Poshmark closet and website.

People do buy domain names of resellers very often as it can be profitable to raise the price and sell it to them one day because most resellers have branded themselves using their name already. It would be devastating to have to start from scratch again.

Step Three: Find Items To Sell On Poshmark

You should have your Poshmark store named and ready for listings, but you need to start adding items to it in order to start making money. Where do you get items? Start around your own house first. Check your closets, kitchen, living room, garage and storage areas. If you have anything relating to your preferred niche that you are ok with parting with, try those out first.

If you don’t have anything at home to sell, then you can take $20 and head out to your local thrift store or garage sales nearby. You would not believe the types of items people donate and sell for cheap. I typically source my inventory at places like the Goodwill Outlet which sells all items by the pound, or Goodwill retail stores. We also hit up yard sales on the weekend if the weather permits. My business has been built by only sourcing at thrift stores and yard sales.

Another option is to ask family members and friends if they have anything they are wanting to donate, and let them know that you are willing to take those items off their hands.


Yes, before you start loading up on random items from the thrift or yard sales, you need to really know the types of items that people buy on Poshmark. I created a playlist of several videos of me showing What Sold on Poshmark with pictures so you can get an idea of what to look out for. Of course I only sell what I am able to find here in South Carolina. You may possibly have access to even more amazing brands and designer goods where you are, so I also made a video showing you some brands that have a high resale value on Poshmark.

If you would rather read, I put together a blog post a few months ago showing the brands that sell fast on Poshmark. Research is a huge part in finding what to sell online. I typically go shopping for items and use my phone to look up sold comps. This helps me determine if the item is worth even purchasing for resale.

Step Four: Take Good Photos

Once you have some great items to list on Poshmark, you will need to get some great photos. Most people prefer a solid white background in their photos. I have done that as well as tried different set ups. The current set up I use is a mannequin on my back porch. Want a mannequin similar to mine? I got mine on Amazon for about $59.99, but they have a similar mannequin for $39.99

right now.

See Here:

My Shoe Setup:

I have been playing around to see what gets more engagement and so far I think white backgrounds like this:

Well they just tend to get a few more likes which turns into buyers, but I am still in test phase. I will make a post about my findings a bit later. If you are unsure how to get a back ground like this, I have a tutorial video showing you how to get your background white like this Armani Jacket above.

You will want to take a photo of the front, back, brand label, material label and any flaws that may be on the item. It always is helpful to take an up close photo of the material. Oh and be sure to take your photos in square mode. If you use an Iphone, the setting will look like this:

Poshmark uses square mode for their photo slots. If you don’t use square mode then your photos will look very unappealing like my very first photos on Poshmark:

Poshmark now allows up to 16 photos thats up from the original 8. So the more photos you show the higher the chance of selling your item per Poshmark.

Step Five: Title Your Item Properly

So you have your item photographed but now you need to tell the world what this item is. Your buyer will probably be searching on Google or Poshmark by typing a certain keyword. For example the top shown above is a Psycho Bunny Green Striped Polo Shirt. This could be what your buyer is typing into the search field, so you want to make sure you describe your item in the title by listing: Brand, Color, Pattern, Type of Item, Size

Your title does not need to have the size in it, but it is helpful sometimes as a filler. Fit as many keywords describing your item into your title as you can.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen sellers use the title “Red Shirt” or Short Black Skirt”. Try and fill out the entire title until you aren’t allowed any more characters.

Step Six: Describe Your Item Properly

Your description is going to help you sell your item fast on Poshmark. Many resellers use a template they created for their Poshmark descriptions. An example of a template would be:

Name of Item

Always put measurements into your listings. You can buy a cloth measuring tape very cheap on Amazon. Since your buyer is unable to try clothing on or actually see the item in person, it helps them determine whether they will fit into the item or if the item will fit into their home depending on if its a home decor item. Remember with clothing, Poshmark has a no returns for fit return policy. I have also found I increased my sales on Poshmark by including measurements.

If you have any flaws on the item you are selling, always list that flaw in words as well as shown in a photo. I have lost a return case because I only showed the flaw in a photo. That is not good enough for Poshmark because buyers don’t always look at every photo, and they don’t always read the entire description but as long as you have the item described both ways, you will have no problems.


Be sure to add any good keywords to your description that a buyer may be typing into their search bar that relates to the item you are selling. Please don’t use misleading tags to gain more views. Many buyers don’t appreciate it and several resellers will report your listings to Poshmark and sometimes they will take them down and you may never know it. When I say not to use misleading tags I mean if you are selling a Free People lace top, you should not list tags like: Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, American Eagle etc.. Some sellers do this to have their listings show up in multiple categories. This is a pretty important step in how to sell on Poshmark. Many who complain of no sales, have terrible descriptions that lack information for the buyer. Do your best to provide the info someone may ask.

Step Seven: Price Your Item Competitively

At this point you are finished describing your item and now you need to figure out a reasonable price. This can vary on many factors such as what you paid for the item, and what others are selling that same item for. I made a tutorial on how to price your items on Poshmark which could help you as it is a visual tutorial.

I always strive to atleast double my money at the very least. Typically I pay $1-$2 per items and sell those items for around $15-$25. So my profit margins are high.

I pay more attention to what items have sold for vs what people are currently selling them for. Just check the sold listings on Poshmark for like items such as yours and price accordingly. Definitely check out the video link above as it will show you a step by step.

Once you have priced your item, you are ready to list that item!

Step Eight: Time To Share Your Listings

Now that you have your item/items listed, there is a very important part of Poshmark that you must understand. You have to share your items. You need to share every item you have listed in your Poshmark Closet. This helps your items be seen by more people and keeps them updated. If you just list your items and let them sit, your sales will not be good.

Personally I don’t share my closet anymore. I hired a virtual assistant to share my closet 4 times a day. The cost is $24.99 per week and its a life saver. My sales increased by over 60% since using their service. If you have over 100 listings I highly recommend using Reseller Assistant to share your closet. I have been with them for about 4 months now and I don’t miss sharing my closet! The first week I used Reseller Assistant I sold over $700 worth of clothing, and clearly made that $24.99 back.

If you don’t have the money to spend on a VA, then it’s very important that you share your closet at 9am, 1pm, 5pm and 9pm. Those are amazing hours to catch many buyers online. The more you share the more sales you will see.

Step Nine: Keep Listing More

It’s been proven the more you list the more you make. Be sure to keep listing more daily if you can. I typically list in bulk once a week, but I do try to list or relist atleast 1 item daily. I just don’t have the time right now to list daily. If you do, then definitely try to get atleast 1 new item listed daily. There is no maximum number of listings you can have. There are some resellers bringing in over $20,000 a month who have well over 15,000 active listings. I personally have 700 active listings. My goal is to reach 1000 by the end of the year.

I learned on Ebay the more listings you have the more money you make. So try really hard to increase your listings with great items and watch the sales start rolling in.

Step Ten: Promote Your Closet

The final step in how to sell on Poshmark and make money fast is to promote your closet. There are several ways to do this. You can start an Instagram dedicated to photographs of your new listings and put your Poshmark link in your Bio. This way people from Instagram can check out your closet. You can also share your listings via Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Youtube is another great platform to promote your Poshmark closet. You can make videos showing viewers new listings in your closet or even showing them your thrift haul videos of things you will be listing.

I have a youtube channel dedicated to my reselling journey. I would love for you to subscribe to my channel and hopefully you will find my content helpful to your own reselling journey.

You may have a unique way of promoting your closet you would like to try and you should do what is best for your promotion style. Any promotion is good promotion.


Hopefully you have learned a bit more about how to sell on Poshmark and make money fast. I have been selling on the platform since May 2018, and I have been so happy with the income I have gained from selling online. I have learned alot and love sharing my knowledge with others. If you have any questions, you can always comment below or contact me on Instagram. I am always willing to talk and help with anything I can.

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