The Biggest Secrets To Selling on Poshmark

Every Poshmark Seller wants to make thousands of dollars a month on Poshmark, but the sad truth is, not everyone is cut out for it. Not everyone knows where to start. Not everyone knows the biggest secrets to selling on Poshmark.

I see many people start selling on Poshmark and then disappear, leaving their closets unresponsive to potential customers. It happens all the time. The problem is most people want to see instant gratification and if they don’t, they immediately quit. It’s similar to dieting. Most folks fail diets because the weight doesn’t fall off over night. I’m one of those folks who like to see instant gratification in the things I do, especially on Poshmark. And I was able to achieve that on Poshmark and I want to share with you how I did it.

Before I started selling on Poshmark, I was an on and off ebay seller. I was selling men’s clothing and to be honest, things were pretty slow for me. The only good things I saw on ebay were being able to list and forget items and of course immediate payments. However, I wasn’t seeing enough in the immediate payment side of things so I started researching. 


Research is one of the most critical secrets to selling on Poshmark and the biggest step new Poshmark Sellers skip. It would be amazing if we could just go to our personal closets and pick an item to sell on Poshmark, list it and immediately get a sold notification. But it doesn’t work like that. It takes a little bit of research to see if an item will sell. There are so many factors that go into finding the perfect item to sell, so let’s talk about that. 

Original Price: This is something that is pretty important to know. If you are wanting to make money, you aren’t going to make much of anything at all, if you are trying to sell items that retail for $10 or less. Places like Walmart and Kmart are stores that have very low price points and some of their items are cute but once people see that brand label, your price of $10 and the Poshmark shipping fee of $7.11, most will not be willing to pay $17.11 for an item that only retailed for $10. It’s just the way it is. I personally try to choose brands that have higher original retail values, so I am able to avoid that thought process from a buyer. 

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Available Similar Listings: When you are on the Poshmark app, you should look up the item you are trying to sell. Doing so will allow you to see a number of things including how many items just like yours are currently up for sale. 

Example: So let’s say you picked out a pair of Faded Glory Jeans from your personal closet to resell on Poshmark. You know that you originally paid $24.99 for them 4 years ago. You would like to sell them for atleast $15 in hopes that you will make a $12 profit. So you head to the Poshmark app and search for the same jeans, same color and same size. You realize there are about 20 of the same item listed for sale , and to make matters worse, they are all listed for $8-9. This immediately shows you that your chance of selling these fast and for a $12 profit are very slim. 

This example shows why checking all items you want to sell first is important. It will pretty much tell you if an item will sell fast or sit forever. Listing items higher than what the majority of like items are listed for will also open you up to “low ball offers”, so be sure to check those available similar listings

There is also another way to find out if something will sell fast and will show you how much the item will sell for. This is called looking up sold comps. 

Sold Comps: The same way you look up available similar items listed, you can filter to look up sold items on Poshmark. These sold items will tell you a number of things such as if an item is in high demand, what the item typically sells for and if it will be a fast sale. Below you will find an example of how to use a sold comp.

Example- You just found a pair of Rock Revival Boot Cut Jeans in the back of your closet and you wonder how much you could sell them for on Poshmark. So you first look up the brand, style and size on the app and see that there is only 2 items listed and both are listed for $150 new with tags. You filter to show sold items and realize that in the past few days these exact jeans have sold many times for over $90 used. This is a great indicator that you will be able to sell yours pretty quickly for around $90. 

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The way to know if something is in high demand by looking at sold comps is to look at the available listings versus the sold listings. If the amount of sold listings for that item are greater than the amount available, that is your indicator. You can also sort listings by a just in filter, and you can click to view a listing which will show you a last updated time. If that time is within the last week or so, then it shows you that the item will more than likely sell within a week or two. 

Research is one of the most common secrets to selling on Poshmark to see if something is worth selling or not.

To see some in depth videos about selling on Poshmark, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. There you will find 100s of videos dedicated to educating about reselling on the Poshmark app, as well as what sold videos to give you an great idea of brands and styles that sell.

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