Best Selling Clothing Brands To Resell On Poshmark- TORRID

Do you ever have trouble sourcing for Poshmark? What if I told you we can see what keywords people search? In this weeks episode I go over the brand Torrid and the keywords that sell this brand. Keywords, people like you and me are typing into their online search bar. Torrid is one of the best clothing brands to resell on Poshmark because it has an extremely high amount of monthly searches according to Google data. (Over 1.2 Million per month, that’s over 400k more than Free People!) In this video I show you what items by Torrid had the most searches for March 2021. I also show you the brand labels and how they have changed throughout the years, in hopes you will learn what labels should be picked up and which ones to leave behind. I have been reselling Torrid clothing since 2018, and the majority of Torrid pieces I have picked up were older pieces but they still SOLD FAST and usually between $13 and $20 each. There are several pieces that sell for alot MORE, especially the newer label items. I just haven’t been lucky enough to run across those yet.

Below you will find the top searched items for Torrid, as well as clothing label identification:

Torrid Dress by Victoria Robinson
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